Run hard. Eat well.

About Me

Hi! My name is Riva; mother of 4, runner, and recently turned vegetarian cook.  I am a 3 time Boston marathon qualifier, and my most recent marathon was run last summer in 3:07:11.  Since then, I have endured a bad case of runner’s knee and 2 femoral neck stress fractures, so I spent most of 2016 nursing injuries and cross training.  While I was incredibly disappointed to miss Boston last year, the break in running opened the door for an opportunity to learn so much more about health, injury prevention, and nutrition.  I have also learned to be patient with my body and to have a sense of humor about it!  

After  10 months of PT, I have started running again and am training for my first 50 Mile Race.  I’ll try to dust off the running blog these next couple months and post about my progress!

Much love and take care of yourself,


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Here I am with my sweet doggies, Copper and Leia, who always have to be at the center of attention!  Gotta love them!